Book Series


The following is a partial list of Lisa's original book series. Lisa writes all of her non-fiction and some fiction under Lisa Loucks Christenson, and she writes most of her fiction under her moniker, L. L. Christenson.

  • 8H: Eight Horsemen of Equinox Estuary™
  • Beautiful Souls™
  • Birch Lond's Blind Leap™
  • Bow Wow Detectives®
  • Bounty Falls™
  • Depot House Blues™
  • Donnie Destin™
  • Earn the Badge™
  • Eternal Sojourn™
  • Faith Like a Song™
  • Hallowinks™
  • Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary™
  • Meow Meow Detectives™
  • Chronicles of Northgaelentry™ 
  • of Whitewater™
  • Owls of Huoulah™
  • River Critters' Brigade™
  • Robinwood Ridge™
  • The Blue Code of Silence™
  • Valentine, Minnesota™
  • Valentine's Adventures™
  • Welcome to Gopher Count™
  • Wolves of Whitewater Falls™