Fly Up Books™

Fly Up Books™️

Books and activities designed to lift and give flight to children as they grow. Fly Up Books is a new imprint of Book Entree™ that publish titles on a variety of of topics in various genres, offering readers (parents, grandparents, children, teens, and educators) the opportunity to find titles that are unique from other books in the same genres.

Fly Up Books offer titles that lift, in small reading steps, as the reader grows up. Fly Up Books offers titles that are for educational and interesting created for the different age groups. Fly Up Books offers story choices for babies, children, and teens, and older teens as they mature into adults.

Newborn to Adult

♥️ Board Books

♥️ Children’s Picture Books

♥️  Activity & Craft Projects

♥️ Young Readers

♥️ Middle Grade

♥️ Young Adults

♥️ 16+


Fly Up Books™️ imprint of Book Entree.

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