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Glass Slipper Serials™ - Ebook Format

Beginning in 2018, Glass Slipper Serials will begin offering serial fiction to our readers, offering another choice for their reading experience. Bundled as seasons, installments will be delivered to your email OR you may click the link and download from us.

Serials: Offer short reads, average reading time is 30-45 minutes per episode/serial, with each installment averaging 5K-8K words. Each serial or episode ends with a cliffhanger ending to be continued in the next installment, through the entire series, until the end of the series. All of our serials/episodes are part of an ongoing series, averaging 10-12 episodes per season or at least 12 titles per series. Unless a series is cancelled or moved to a different imprint, the series will continue on. 

Ages: Children, teens, and adults

Genres: Action/adventure, animal adventures, fantasy, Inspiration, mystery, suspense, supernatural (angels, time travel), wildlife adventures, westerns, more.

Glass Slipper Serials™️ is an imprint of Book Entree™

Format: Ebook. Sold as serials or episodes in one season increments. 


Depot House Blues by Lisa Loucks Christenson  - Girl & Her Songs

Earn the Badge by Lisa Loucks Christenson - Inspirational-Drama

Northgaelentry Chronicles by L. L. Christenson - Fantasy

Welcome to Gopher Count by Lisa Loucks Christenson

Valentine, Minnesota by Lisa Loucks Christenson - Inspirational-Drama

Rise of the Moon by L. L  Christenson - Supernatural

Robinwood Ridge by L. L. Christenson - Fantasy



Glass Slipper Serials™ is an imprint of Book Entree™ 

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