Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary

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"Most days I wear camouflage to work." –Lisa Loucks Christenson                                                                                                                             

Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary
Follow along with wildlife photographer and author, Lisa Loucks Christenson as she puts her cameras to the test, and shares her "stories picturing daily life" motto. Check back regularly to get a glimpse of this year's story, Year Fifteen Dancer & Dundee: Nod to God. Meet Dancer (male) and Daedee (female), a wild pair of bald eagles who befriended Lisa, allowing her into their private lives to record their experiences while raising their offspring, and Lisa’s studies among all the eagle pairs she documents in the valley.


1/1/2019 Lisa began her 15th year on Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary™                                           

Comments From Viewers of Lisa Loucks Christenson's Exhibits:

Comments Here’s what people are saying about Lisa Loucks Christenson’s work:

"Never quit~the eagles need you!" --Megan SaVallee

"Came back again to see all your projects!" --Shirley Brilla

"Fascinating to see bugs up close, and to read about your adventures. Thanks." -- Ruth /Minneapolis

"I love UR pictures!!" -- Huntley Family/ Woodbury, MN

"The minute I walked into this room at the National Eagle Center and noticed the photos, I thought of you, Lisa. Sure enough, there were your notes describing the scenes in the photos! Wonderful exhibit and information! Thank you!  --Marilyn Ormand /Rochester, MN

"Great & very exciting exhibit" --Vicky--Mpls