Snowy River Press™️

Snowy River Press™ Collection

Christian fiction, family saga, supernatural, angels

International Bestselling Series:

Wolves of Whitewater Falls Series

Released, 3-1, In Search of Spirit Wolf

Released, Story Preview Edition, Wolf Eyes

Earn the Badge Series

Red Brick, Blue Brick: Shadow in the Law of Reflection, Story Preview Edition

Wa Pu Ta Creek, Minnesota Series:

Hawk of Wa Pu Ta Creek, Story Preview Edition, #1 international bestseller; finalist in Harlequin®️ Love Inspired Suspense THE SEARCH FOR A KILLER VOICE

All the above titles are available for worldwide exclusive publishing. Print, electronic, audio, film; worldwide distribution; all languages with heavy USA marketing and branding already in place behind these series. USA and/or worldwide licensing is available for these above market-tested stories, and the ongoing, unpublished, completed episodes and books, some with illustrations.

Wolves of Whitewater Falls has nine full length novels completed, 14 books are listed, this is a saga that will continue on. Wolves of Whitewater Falls™ is a supernatural saga, set in the small ghost town (a real ghost town) called, Whitewater Falls, Minnesota. Each completed book is 75K+ words, the episodes run 15-20K words, each. Both tested books hit #1, #2, multiple time, multiple countries, in mystery, suspense, other categories. Illustrated. Was originally written for YA, but was converted to family drama supernatural suspense.