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Bow Wow Detectives® Creator is Lisa Loucks Christenson


Bow Wow Detectives® Trailer (updated) and more in the works.

The Bow Wow Detectives® books, ebooks, art, photos, Photo Traders™, art cards, are sold through Peacock Books™, Silver Lake Books™, Old Country Cross Christian Bookstore, and other stores carrying the Lisa Loucks-Christenson Product Line.

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New series and book lines starting in n 2022-2023.


iBlustery Tuesday!




Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary by Lisa Loucks Christenson


Legend of the Sun Dogs, Year 10, Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary. True footage of the coyotes howls and barks, filmed on location in the Whitewater Valley by Lisa Loucks Christenson.


8H: Eight Horsemen of Equinox Estuary by L. L.. Christenson



Faith Like a Song™ Series by L. L. Christenson



WOLVES OF WHITEWATER FALLS by Lisa Loucks Christenson


Lisa Loucks Christenson's Winter Bugs! Exhibit Edition


Robinwood Ridge™ Series by Lisa Loucks Christenson