Lisa Loucks-Christenson's Work: Photos, Stock Footage, Books, and Private Library

Lisa Loucks-Christenson's Photos, Stock Footage, Books, and Private Library

Use the contact form below to ask questions or to inquire about licensing Lisa's work. Since the 80s, Lisa Loucks Christenson has worked with her established clients, publishers, businesses, agencies, and non-profits. Lisa Loucks Christenson's work is published under the imprints of Loucks Studios, Inc. and other publishers.


Lisa personally shot all the photos in her photo collection. She continually adds to her stock photos collection and supplies her clients with new pictures and video for their books, projects as well as her own books, exhibits, cards, and book trailers.

Lisa writes stories for the young and the old. She writes books, articles, and short stories about: animals, adventures, agriculture, angels, biography, cooking, education, environment, foods, families, history, inspirational, natural history, memoir, mystery, romance, suspense, supernatural, thrillers, time travel, westerns, wildlife, and wildlife adventure fiction. 

Lisa's titles and select works are published in a variety of formats including: boxed sets, hardcover, paperback, ebook, loose leaf, educational sets, exhibits, online programs, lessons, reports, audio, video, film, CDs, and DVDs and more.  

Lisa's work is available for licensing to other publishers worldwide, she reserves select rights that won't hinder her own publishing projects that she publishes under her genre and age specific imprints.

Lisa is a national award-winning and #1 International bestselling hybrid author (she is traditionally published by Big 5 publishers, and published under her own imprints.

Lisa's work is published as photos, illustrations, stories, articles, in books for other publishers, magazines, and have appeared on television shows, exhibits, news, radio, cards, ads, and in her own books, magazines, galleries. Lisa is the photographer of numerous wildlife documentaries (many still in progress), that will be released as films, educational materials, exhibits, books, reports in the future, mostly under her TEAP, and White Wolf Creek.

Currently, her work is available (excluding sold out editions and her works in her private library), as documentaries, exhibits, episodes, novellas, novels, serials, short stories, Story Previews Editions, and Teacher Guides. Worldwide licensing opportunities, for select series and works, available for the right publishers. 

Lisa's private library includes her lifetime research, field notes, field journals, photos, reports, and unpublished manuscripts and published works in various stages of development that are created from her own studies. These materials remain hers and are not, at this time, offered or available for licensing.

Lisa's books, art, paintings, cards are sold through websites, gift shops, museums, libraries, retail stores, and many of her works of art and titles are sold, exclusively, through her own stores: Peacock Books & Wildlife Art in the Kahler Grand Hotel and Silver Lake Books on North Broadway.

Not sure how to find your next book? Looking for Lisa’s art or photos? Search the entire catalog, or search by a particular collection. This site is set up to find books or photos, art by region, imprint, series, subject, genre, or age group.

To search for all photos, books, art simply type “All Products" (rotating books, art, photos),  in the search field to see our full catalog. Or to see photos only, search “Photo Catalog”, For Fine Art search “Fine Art”.

Read the description of each book to check its availability. Lisa promotes her work before the books become available. Some works may never be available as an entire work, but may be available to journalists, writers, news, magazines, publishers who want to include her work in their work.

Lisa includes select works that are only available by request, that are kept in her private library to be used for articles, movies, excerpts, and stories, interviews published about Lisa or for her presentations.

Some works, or formats may at anytime become "temporarily unavailable" because they are on exclusive promotions that prevent Lisa from selling them on her site (just during the promotional period).

Licensed work or works under exclusive agreements means that we will not sell those licensed products formats or versions at our sites since the work(s) will be temporarily unavailable for purchase until the license has expired with a licensee, or the period of exclusivity has terminated. IE: a book on KDP will be exclusive to Amazon through the period selected by author.


Lisa Loucks-Christenson's non-fiction wildlife titles, her art, art cards, books, e-books, films, educational sets, wildlife documentaries, wildlife photos are published through her White Wolf Creek™ publishing division. She publishes non-wildlife non-fiction and fiction under the imprints listed below.

Non-Fiction and Fiction 

Lisa Loucks-Christenson and Lisa writing as L. L. Christenson publishes her work under the following secular or Christian imprints:

Bow Wow Detectives® | Ages 6 and up | #1 International best selling dog mysteries

CoyWolf Entertainment™ All ages, drama, film, animations, series sold in sets or as individual episodes.

Cross Creek Books™ | Ages 8 and up | Christian Middle Grade and Young Adult Fiction

Fly Up Books™️ | Newborn to Age 21 | Various topics, fiction and non-fiction

Meow Meow Detectives™ | Ages 6 and up | Feline Sleuths and their human companions

Glass Slipper Serials™ | Ages 3 and Up | Many genres. Serial stories sold as new episodes that continue on with each season, cliffhanger endings. 

Snowy River Books™ | Christian Inspirational, Family Drama - published as full books (unlike Snowy River Press publishing ebooks as episodes)

Snowy River Press™ |  Christian Suspense, Drama, Family Sagas | Stand alone episodes that are created are part of an ongoing series that has no ending. 

Terry Tarry Greetings™️ Inspirational line of greeting and art cards by Lisa Loucks Christenson

TEAP Teacher Educational Activity Program™ Lisa's collection of book projects, exhibits in a box, online classes, and activities.

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Lisa Loucks-Christenson Publishing, LLC publishes, solely, the work of Lisa Loucks-Christenson, LLCP does not accept outside submissions. Please do not submit your work to us.